Wine Club Sessions - How to Recognise Aromas

10 Mar


How to Recognise Aromas.


Did you know that most of the flavours in wine come from the aromas? Your nose is your most important tool in wine assessment and learning to recognise the aromas present in wine unlocks a whole new world of wine appreciation.

Wine aromas can be influenced by a whole range of different factors, from variety of grape to methods of production. In this 90 minute Wine Club Session you will learn through sensory training how to identify the most important ones to increase your enjoyment and wine knowledge.

Importantly, you will also learn how to identify flaws, such as whether a wine is corked, simply by smell. 

Book now for Saturday, 10th March, to attend this 2:30 hour workshop at The Yeatman's award-winning wine cellar. 



Book here for the next session on 'How to Buy Wine' on April 14th.



Price: 65€ per person

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